Deskripsi Liquid Fruit Pop Hero57 3Mg 60ML Liquid Hero57 Fruit Pop Fruit Liquid SUDAH CUKAI Fruit Pop Hero57 *100% Authentic by Hero57 *New Batch dengan kemasan botol Chubby 60ML Flavour : A simple, three layered icy juice with the tanginess of melon in front and a straightforward smooth strawberry and milk in the end. The ice itself is not overbearing, so dont be afraid to make this your daily juice, as this juice still derives the best cream we have. This juice has the complementary quality to complete your palate experience, next to your favourite Hero57 creamy juices Nicotine : 3MG Volume : 60ML Premium Local E-Liquid NOTICE: – Barang 100% Ori, No CLONE ! ( Mohon DIBACA ) – Ragu cari dilapak sebelah saja, Kami adalah trusted seller bukan seller abal abal ! – No Return No Refund No Cancel – Kesalahan customer bukan tanggung jawab kami


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