OVVIO Blueberry Macaron Ice 30ml 30mg


OVVIO Blueberry Macaron Ice E-juice offers 30ml vape juice of 3mg nicotine. Fluffy taste of OVVIO Blueberry Macaron Ice juice resembles a classic macaron with a few blueberries. Whether you are fond of vaping or having a macaron, you will be satisfied with the dessert flavor and nicotine hit. Fresh taste and smooth hit make vape juice stand out. OVVIO Blueberry Macaron Ice fails you unless you quit first. You may be reminded of all the good memories of macaron. Now your vape can provide you with a good breakfast with macaron.

Note: Nicotine Salts are for small form factor pod systems only, and not to be used in dripping atomizers or sub-ohm tanks.

Bottle Size:30mL
Flavor:Blueberry Macaron
Nicotine Strengths:30mg


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